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Alexander the Great’s Battle of Issus (333 BC)

In 334 BC, Alexander the Great launched his invasion of the Persian Empire, which stretched from northwestern India to Egypt and modern-day Turkey. Alexander routed a Persian force at Granicus, just south of the Hellespont. He quickly took the coastal cities along the Mediterranean, then marched into central Anatolia.
By November of 333 Alexander reached the coastal city of Issus, located east of modern-day Adana and northwest of Aleppo. He knew Persian King Darius III was leading a large army to this region. Darius planned to link up with the Persian Mediterranean fleet and cut Alexander’s supply lines.
A large number of Alexander’s men became sick at this time. Alexander left them in Issus and marched into Syria, searching for Darius. The Persians outflanked Alexander and took Issus, massacring the Macedonian contingent there.

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