The Welsh and English Longbow

August 22, 2008 at 1:30 am

One of the most important weapons of the Middle Ages was the Welsh/English longbow. This weapon was the decisive factor in English victories over French forces during the Hundred Years War.

What is a longbow?

A longbow is any bow which is nearly the size of a man. Bows over 5 feet in length are considered longbows.
The medieval Welsh or English longbow was made from a single piece of strong but flexible Yew wood. It was about 6 feet, 6 inches long, making it at least a foot longer than the average archer of the day.
War arrows for the English longbow weighed up to 3 ounces and were 3 feet long. They had chisel-shaped bodkin arrowheads, which were aerodynamic and allowed increased range. The bodkin’s narrow shape concentrated the arrow’s energy at the point of impact, increasing the ability to punch through armor.

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